North Atlantic Dance
North Atlantic Dance is…a step away from more traditional material and towards impressionistic and reflective original material….Quinton is a masterful player who has a way of inserting subtle melodies into the most intricate arrangements. Many of the album’s tunes were inspired by Quinton’s travels across the Canadian landscape and “Cape St. Mary’s Trilogy”, the closing number, is a three-part 17-minute tour de force.
Paul E. Comeau,

“‘Musical paintings’ on acoustic guitar”
To spend an hour with this solo guitar recording is to enter an emotional landscape of rare beauty….This is solo acoustic finger-picking developed to high art. It’s absolutely gorgeous, highly textured and impressionistic. Connoisseurs of guitar styling will want this. The rest of us can jump right in and be carried away by the strong current.
Susan Beyer, Ottawa Citizen

Sea-Winds: Original Guitar Music from Newfoundland
Gordon Quinton is a highly original and imaginative guitarist from Newfoundland with a style of playing that changes from piece to piece…The titles of his songs bring to mind the exact musical ideas he tries to convey, and as pure guitar solos, they simply shine.
Dirty Linen, Baltimore, MD, USA

…where poetry meets the instrument.
Chitarre, Rome, Italy

An interview with Gordon by Jim Fidler on the Republic of Avalon Radio (the ROAR) podcast, “Quintonemy”, St. John’s

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An interview with Gordon by Jean Hewson published in the Canadian folk, roots and world music magazine, Penguin Eggs, Issue No. 60, Winter 2013. Used with permission of the author and publisher.
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